Ready-to-use sterilized filtration unit

 ?  Lock-up seal system, no leak or sample bypass

 ?  Easy to remove funnel and membrane

 ?  Protective lid reduces contamination risk

 ?  Conform to internationl standards

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 Filtration Funnel

 Funnel Volumne


 Cover Material 


 Graduation Accuracy



 Membrane Filter (Cellulose Nitrate Membrane   Filter)

 Membrane Type

 White Gridded

 Pore Size


 Bubble Point with Water

 2.6 ~ 2.8 bar

 Flow Rate for Water

 54 ~ 65 ml (min cm2 bar)

 Extractable Content in Water



 Coli Forms Recovery

 E Coli

 >85% VS Spread Plate

 Enterobacter Aerogenes

 >85% VS Spread Plate



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