ZW-LPA02 is the new one for sterility test ,We insist on the design concept of “Less Is More”.Intelligent control,toughened glass screen,more safety concern for operator.Mattachd our Disposable Sterility Test Canister as a sterility testing system,It is widely used in the aseptic test of drugs, biological products, medical equipment, raw materials, excipients and other varieties.

1. Working power supplyAC 220V/50Hz

2. power100W

3. Speed30-300rpm

4. Height44cm

5. Weight18

6. Size23cm×33cm×12cm

1、 Pharmaceutical industrySterilizing test for Pure water, water for injection, aseptic preparationInfusion, small needle, powder, biological products, blood products, ophthalmic preparation, maintenance fluid and so on

2、 Medical equipment industrySterilizing test for Purified water, injection water, syringe, infusion apparatus, transfusion apparatus, venous catheter;
3、 Food and beverage industry;
4、 Environmental protection industry.



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