Working Principle

The organic matter in the sample is oxidized into carbon dioxide under the effect of ultraviolet and titanium dioxide.Determination of carbon dioxide by Electrical Conductivity Detection Technology,Total carbon and conductivity of samples after oxidation of Oxidation Reactor by Electrical Conductivity Sensor determination of Total inorganic carbon in samples without oxidation of oxidative reactors by Rate Sensors,Get the total organic carbon in the sample.TOC=TC-TIC.



1High precision, high sensitivity, simple operation

2Human Interface, easy operation, automatic pipe cleaning function.

3High Performance CPU,touch screen,800*480 True Color Display。

4 Replace UV lamps and pump without open the machine。

5 Detection ceiling can be set,Automatic Upper Limit Alarm function.

6 Data can be stored for 5 years and output by USB device.

7 Offline Detection and Online Detection optional.

8 Comply with USP GMP standard,21CFR part11

9 Online graph.

10Optional Automatic Sampler.

Power supplyAC220V±22V


Power consumption95W



TOCDetection Range0.001mg/l-1.0mg/l

Accuracy of Detection±5%

Analyzer rate≤4min/time

Response time≤10min

Flow rate0.5ml/min

Temperature of sample1-95℃




Zero/span drift±5%


1. This instrument can be used to detect pure water, injection water and organic carbon in ion water in Pharmaceutical Industry thick.Degree; also available for testing of ultra-pure water in Semiconductor Industry.
2. Clean validation process in pharmaceutical field and biochemistry field, can be used to verify cleaning effect.
3. This instrument has on-line detection function, can monitor pharmaceutical industry system and semiconductor industry online.

Preparation of ultra-pure water preparation system and chip process, power plant, etc.




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