1High precision, high sensitivity, simple operation

2Human Interface, easy operation, automatic pipe cleaning function.

3High Performance CPU,touch screen,800*480 True Color Display。

4 Replace UV lamps and pump without open the machine。

5 Detection ceiling can be set,Automatic Upper Limit Alarm function.

6 Data can be stored for 5 years and output by USB device.

7 Offline Detection and Online Detection optional.

8 Comply with USP GMP standard,21CFR part11

9 Online graph.

10Optional Automatic Sampler.

Power supplyAC220V±22V


Power consumption95W



TOCDetection Range0.001mg/l-1.0mg/l

Accuracy of Detection±5%

Analyzer rate≤4min/time

Response time≤10min

Flow rate0.5ml/min

Temperature of sample1-95℃




Zero/span drift±5%

1. This instrument can be used to detect pure water, injection water and organic carbon in ion water in Pharmaceutical Industry thick.Degree; also available for testing of ultra-pure water in Semiconductor Industry.
2. Clean validation process in pharmaceutical field and biochemistry field, can be used to verify cleaning effect.
3. This instrument has on-line detection function, can monitor pharmaceutical industry system and semiconductor industry online.

Preparation of ultra-pure water preparation system and chip process, power plant, etc.



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